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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Google Assistant could launch on the iPhone

Google’s digital assistant is also near to move in on Siri’s turf. consistent with Bloomberg, a Google Assistant app is prepared to launch on iOS and can seemingly be created offered in the week throughout Google’s I/O developer conference. robot Police additionally aforementioned the app ought to be offered shortly, however solely within the North American country.

The Google Assistant launched last year on Google’s picture element smartphone and commenced increasing to phones running robot candy and candy back in March. The Assistant is just about simply Google’s riff on Siri: it answers queries, sends messages, and may handle basic actions on the phone.

Bringing the Assistant to iOS definitely can’t hurt, given what number Google services already populate the common iPhone within the North American country. however it’s exhausting to check Google extremely giving Siri a lot of competition. in contrast to Siri, which may be launched from any screen with an extended press of the house button, the Google Assistant app can got to be spread out so as to be accessed. That’ll create it a way less helpful digital helper.

Apparently, this might be the beginning of an even bigger enlargement of the Assistant. Bloomberg additionally says it’s progressing to find yourself designed into GE appliances, like washers and ovens, too.
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Polk Audio’s new soundbar works with Google Home and supports 5.1 surround sound

Polk Audio’s new MagniFi GHB SR soundbar system will produce five.1 surround sound reception and is compatible with Google Home, thereby permitting it to figure with any Chromecast audio-enabled device. meaning users will management their system with voice commands. The soundbar comes bundled with 2 wireless speakers that connect over Wi-Fi. The system options four full-range drivers, 2 tweeters, a middle channel driver, and a ported loudspeaker.

The MagniFi GHB SR has Associate in Nursing optical HDMI cable that supports IR TV remotes from Samsung, LG, Sony, and Vizio. This isn’t the company’s initial soundbar, or perhaps its initial piece of hardware to support Chromecast, however James K. Polk sees it mutually of its most easy owing to its Google Home and good remote compatibility. It additionally includes 3 4K HDMI (HDCP two.2) inputs, one HDMI (ARC) output, Associate in Nursingd an aux port. the corporate is promoting its five.1 surround sound quite the rest, which may be accustomed stream over Bluetooth, too.

What’s very intriguing regarding the new system is that it’ll solely price $599 once it’s discharged in August this year. though cheaper systems exist, with Polk’s name for quality audio, the MagniFi GHB may find yourself being one amongst the most effective sounding and decent reasonable surround sound setups.
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Audi and Volvo will use Android as the operating system in upcoming cars

Google has taken a significant step toward turning mechanical man into a whole package for cars that doesn’t need the utilization of a phone. the corporate declared partnerships with Audi and Volvo these days, prior to this week’s I/O developer’s conference, that may see those carmakers build new branded pic systems victimization mechanical man seven.0 Nougat.

The manufacturer-tweaked versions of Google’s package can power the cars’ main touchscreen displays, furthermore because the digital dashboards behind the wheel. they're going to add new services like Google Assistant to the apps and integrations already on the market on mechanical man motor vehicle. however mechanical man can currently additionally management basic functions like heating and cooling, seat position, or gap and shutting the windows. (It won’t go as way as dominant crucial safety systems like brakes, though, in step with Google.) Volvo says it plans to launch its mechanical man on new models inside 2 years, whereas Audi can show its version off within the new Audi Q8 Sport conception.

Taking over a car’s entire pic system — as critical simply running on high of the one created by the manufacturer — has forever perceived to be the endgame for Google’s initial efforts with mechanical man motor vehicle. Google has been reportedly engaged on it as way back as late 2014, once a report in Reuters indicated that the software system large was going to flip mechanical man motor vehicle into one thing that would management a car’s systems and wouldn’t need a smartphone.

Google formally exposed those ambitions ultimately year’s I/O conference once it showed off a Maserati Ghibli with a 4K, 15-inch vertical center touchscreen that was running a version of mechanical man that would management everything from the radio to the HVAC system. This past Gregorian calendar month, Google and enactment Chrysler (the parent company of Maserati) declared they were engaged on combining FCA’s Uconnect pic system with mechanical man seven.0 candy — an evident precursor to today’s news.

At that point, Google aforementioned this automotive version of mechanical man would still be open supply, which it wouldn’t essentially shut Apple’s CarPlay (or even the mechanical man motor vehicle app). that also seems to be the case. Saint Patrick Brady, vice chairman of engineering for mechanical man, told Bloomberg News that Apple's CarPlay would still be able to run on high of this new embedded mechanical man system. And a representative for Volvo tells The Verge that there's “no amendment in practicality with regards to CarPlay, neither is there a amendment within the several partners with whom we have a tendency to collaborate.”
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Facebook’s new research tool is designed to create a truly conversational AI

Most people ask our computers on a semi-regular basis, however that doesn’t mean the speech communication is any sensible. we tend to raise Siri what the weather is like, or tell Alexa to place some music on, however we tend to don’t expect sparkling wittiness — voice interfaces immediately area unit as sterile because the visual interface they’re alleged to replace. Facebook, though, is decided to vary this: these days it unveiled  a replacement analysis tool that the corporate hopes can spur progress within the march to make really informal AI.

The tool is named ParlAI (pronounced like Captain Jack Sparrow asking to parley) and is delineated  by the social media network as a “one-stop buy dialog analysis.” It provides AI programmers a straightforward framework for coaching and testing chatbots, complete with access to datasets of sample dialogue, and a “seamless” pipeline to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service. This latter could be a crucial feature, because it means that programmers will simply rent humans to act with, test, and proper their chatbots.

Abigail See, a engineering Doctor of Philosophy at Stanford University welcome the news, speech communication frameworks like this were “very valuable” to scientists. “There's an enormous volume of AI analysis being made immediately, with new techniques, datasets and results proclaimed each month,” aforesaid See in associate degree email to The Verge. “Platforms [like ParlAI] provide a unified framework for researchers to simply develop, compare and replicate their experiments.”

In a cluster interview, Antoine Bordes from Facebook’s AI science laboratory truthful aforesaid that ParlAI was designed to make a ape-man within the world of chatbots. “Right currently there area unit 2 sorts of dialogue systems,” explains Bordes. The first, he says, area unit people who “actually serve some purpose” associate degreed execute an action for the user (e.g., Siri and Alexa); whereas the second serves no purpose, however is truly fun to speak to (like Microsoft’s Tai — though, yes, that one didn’t prove great).

“What we’re when with ParlAI, is a lot of regarding having a machine wherever you'll be able to have multi-turn dialogue; wherever you'll be able to build up a dialogue and exchange concepts,” says Bordes. “ParlAI is attempting to develop the capability for chatbots to enter semipermanent speech communication.” This, he says, would require memory on the bot’s half, still as an honest deal of external data (provided via access to datasets like Wikipedia), and maybe even a concept of however the user is feeling. “In that respect, the sector is extremely preliminary and there's still lots of labor to try and do,” says Bordes.

It’s vital to notice that ParlAI isn’t a tool for simply anyone. Unlike, say, Microsoft’s chatbot frameworks, this is often a chunk of kit that’s aimed toward the fashionable  AI analysis community, instead of developers attempting to make a straightforward chatbot for his or her web site. It’s not such a lot regarding building actual bots, however finding the most effective ways in which to coach them within the 1st place. There’s little question, though, that this work can eventually filter through to Facebook’s own product (like its part-human-powered virtual assistant M) and to its chatbot platform for traveler.

Yann LeCun, head of AI analysis at Facebook, says that progress is already happening which users can see “continuous improvement” to chatbots of all stripes. He provides the instance of systems that area unit capable of digesting massive datasets — like Wikipedia or scientific journals — and responsive queries on them. till recently, these didn’t even exist, however currently this kind of school are going to be returning on-line “relatively before long.” this kind of practicality may well be key to the longer term of Facebook’s AI platform, says LeCun.

“Ultimately one in every of the objectives of this is often to possess your own digital friend; your virtual assistant that's tailored for you,” he says. “It mediates your interaction with the digital world — maybe along with your friends and people — and helps you out through the unimaginable quantity of data we tend to area unit bombarded with on a daily basis, and helps North American nation with our daily lives.”

If this sounds acquainted, it would be as a result of Google made public a really similar vision last Gregorian calendar month at its constituent phone unveiling. Like Facebook, the search large needs to create really personal assistants that area unit trained on every individual’s knowledge, which will act as go-betweens with the broader digital world. For either company’s commit to work, they’ll would like bots that we’re snug reprimand. ParlAI ought to facilitate the speech communication flow.
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ZeniMax is suing Samsung after winning its case against Oculus

Games company ZeniMax, that with success sued Facebook-owned eye for $500 million earlier this year, has filed a brand new legal proceeding over Samsung’s Gear VR receiver. The suit alleges that Samsung wittingly profited from eye technology that was 1st developed at ZeniMax, then embezzled by eye govt John Carmack.

Carmack, whose company id code was noninheritable  by ZeniMax in 2009, was one in every of the driving forces behind the Gear VR. whereas the receiver was free by Samsung, it’s delineated  as “powered by eye,” with serious code optimizations developed by Carmack. however the legal proceeding alleges that Carmack owed abundant of his success at eye to code he developed as a part of a team at ZeniMax.

Among alternative things, the American state court filing claims that Carmack in secret brought eye (and former ZeniMax) worker Matt Hooper into id Software’s offices to develop associate degree “attack plan” for mobile VR, that eye would later fancy Samsung. The Samsung Gear VR was additionally designed on a number of identical code because the eye Rift, that was the topic of ZeniMax’s earlier legal proceeding.

ZeniMax’s basic argument is that Samsung would are alert to the legal proceeding against eye, that was filed throughout the initial development of the Gear VR. however “Samsung continued  to develop the Gear VR with full data of ZeniMax’s allegations and while not getting any right or permission from ZeniMax to use any of its copyrights or alternative counseling.” That legal proceeding concluded with eye and its executives being punished for infringement, false designation, and violating non-disclosure agreements.

The new legal proceeding formally accuses Samsung of infringement for exploitation ZeniMax VR code within the Gear VR, yet as secret misappropriation, unfair competition, and unjust enrichment. ZeniMax’s case can be bolstered by the previous judgment against eye, since the Gear VR is unambiguously supported eye code. however that jury didn’t realize eye guilty of secret misappropriation, and here, it'll ought to argue that Samsung was an adjunct to Oculus’ misconduct, not that it absolutely was directly stealing ZeniMax’s code.

As this case commences, John Carmack is severally suing ZeniMax for the last portion of his id code payout, that ZeniMax allegedly withheld as a results of the legal proceeding. And eye and ZeniMax area unit still fighting the first suit in court, with eye appealing the decision associate degreed ZeniMax seeking to halt the employment of eye code with an injunction. Here, ZeniMax is seeking damages and royalties supported Samsung’s sales of the Gear VR, and it should get an analogous injunction against use of eye code within the Gear VR. Samsung failed to in real time reply to asking for treat the legal proceeding.
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Apple patented a pizza box, for pizzas

Apple’s new field is commencing to open up to workers, associated Wired need to step within for an early check up on the implausibly elaborate building. The article highlights a bunch of thoughtful and sometimes excessive beaux arts touches — from ensuring rain doesn’t streak on the glass to victimization water cooling in order that the air-con seldom kicks on as a result of Steve Jobs detested fans — however maybe truth standout detail from the piece is that Apple made-up its own pizza pie box for its eating house, as a result of it clearly couldn’t accept what was already out there.

The instrumentation is additional of a pizza pie circle than a pizza pie box, and it seems to be sized for private pies. Wired says it’s meant for holding workers take pizza pie from the eating house back to their desks.

Apple’s massive innovation here is inserting a series of holes within the lid of the instrumentation in order that air will escape, serving to avoid wetness within the crust. It’s a thoughtful addition, though I’ve devoured plenty of pizza pie in my life and got to say the boxed-in wetness issue isn't that pervasive.

Apple applied for a patent on this pizza pie box style seven years agone, and it appears to possess been victimization it at existing campuses, too. The patent lists Francesco Longoni, the pinnacle of Apple’s food services team, jointly of its inventors.
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ARM to provide chips for brain injury implants

Chip style large ARM has teamed up with America researchers on a project to develop chips which will be ingrained within the human brain.
The chips square measure designed to assist folks with brain and spinal injuries, and can sit within the bone.
The aim is to develop a system that not solely permits folks to hold out tasks, however to receive sensory feedback.
But it'll be a while before we have a tendency to begin to envision the advantages of the 10-year project.
ARM is providing the processors for the implants being developed at the middle for body process Neural Engineering (CSNE), at the University of Washington.
The researchers have already developed associate early version of the technology.
"They have some early epitome devices," ARM's director of health care technologies, Peter Ferguson, told the BBC.
"The challenge is power consumption and therefore the heat that generates. They required one thing ultra-small, ultra-low power."
'Far vision'
The first stage is to style a "system on a chip" which will transmit signals from the brain to a stimulator ingrained within the neural structure, permitting those with spinal or medical specialty conditions to regulate their movements.
A team together with researchers at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, recently became the primary to revive brain-controlled hand and arm motion in an exceedingly person with complete palsy.
But CSNE additionally desires the device to be ready to receive info sent back within the different direction, providing sensory info to the brain.
"Not solely square measure they attempting to scan the signals from the brain, however to feed one thing back to it", Mr Ferguson explained.
This would permit folks to determine however tightly they're holding associate object, or get a way of its temperature, for instance.
Research suggests that this feedback may additionally facilitate the brain wire itself, that may facilitate the recovery of individuals with sure conditions - like people who have suffered a stroke.
"When you're thinking that regarding folks with neural structure injuries, the flexibility to use technology to bridge the neural structure to urge muscles teams to maneuver a lot of} and more - that is the so much vision," Mr Ferguson aforesaid.
In the in the meantime, he said, the technology might be wont to facilitate treat stroke patients, those with Parkinson's disease, and probably presenile dementia.
ARM Holdings, that relies in Cambridge, was sold  to Japanese firm Softbank last year for £24bn.
In March this year, Softbank was reported  to be considering mercantilism a twenty fifth stake in ARM to a Saudi-backed investment cluster.
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